SECRETARY`S  REPORT               18/6/2021

Hi Guys.

I hope you are all well . Last week we had a good session at St.Cuthbert's and It was great to see a few friends returning . Thanks Claire. Stan was looking well . 

I missed St. Cuthbert's this week as I was at our son's 40th birthday . The previous day I was at Trinity and Dean lead a very enjoyable games session . We had the carpet bowls , Football game , curling and Frisbe Golf all back in action . Unfortunately, we only had about 14 present.

 We sent Dean away with our best wishes for his beloved Hartlepool . He's attending their crucial promotion game against Torquay at Bristol on Sunday . 


Joe has been in contact . His message said that tickets for his title fight near Sunderland (31st July) will be on sale next week . He hopes to visit us soon. 


Walk - Next Tuesday - weather permitting - we are now going to park at the back corner of Morrison's carpark at Teesside Park . That is the corner near the roundabout that leads to the Showcase Cinema and Burger King but we will be in Morrisons . Our walk will take us through Teesside Park to Nando's . There is a path behind there which takes us to the bottom of Thornaby Cemetry and the Mandale Roundabout off the A19 . If we cross the A19 by the bridge there is a path down to the footbridge . This will take us to the Cinema Carpark and back to our cars at Morrisons Car Park .


The week after we are back at the Tees Barrage . After that we are looking at walks at Ormsby Hall . 


This week we had a very enjoyable walk by Middlesbrough Golf Club to Devils Bridge . Then returned to Nature's World via Acklam Hall and the Avenue of Trees .

Anyone who wants tickets for Joe's title fight on 31st July should let me know . The tickets are on sale - £40. We will look at transport possibilities depending on numbers . 


The committee is considering other trips and discussed them at last Monday's committee meeting . Unfortunately it is still difficult to make definite plans until we know exactly what and when we can do things . 






PS A reminder from our treasurer - Norman Craggs - Please bring your kind £2 donation to the sessions . We have to start paying for the hire of the halls and the instructors . 


Website Simon has managed to put a full zoom session ,run by Joe on to our website  

To access it you need to click on the three short horizontal lines on the top right of the site . This will bring up a list of contents . Click on timetables then scroll down on the page which appears and you will see Joe's Zoom Workout as a title . Below that there is a white arrow . If you click on that the full aerobics session will appear and you can do it any time without having to wait for Saturday morning or Joe to change baby Marley's nappy😊. 




This is a local charity which repairs old furniture and prepares it for re-use . It is based at Belle Vue , on Marton Road . It is also connected to "Men's Shed" which helps with the repair of items for re-use . Their workshop is at the back of the shop. They are also developing a gardening section. If anyone is interested in this sort of activity, they can be contacted on 01642 245927. It is designed to be a charity where men who are retired can put their skills to a positive use .



After some discussion at our committee meeting, I am putting out this disclaimer to state that any walk which takes place is not an official walk organised by Middlesbrough Sporting Chance . Such walks are taken on a personal basis as an individual choice . Members should be aware that no First Aid provision or Walk Leaders will be provided by Middlesbrough Sporting Chance . If you do come along, I suggest you wear very warm clothing . While it is forecast to be sunny it will also be cold - but the company will be warm and welcoming . 

Any walkers are reminded that they should adhere to the Government COVID rules of being in groups of no more than 6 .



Old News

 Walk leaders Course, and The First Aid Course .

 We are still looking for people to volunteer to attend these even though they are not likely to take place before April . 

We have 4 names for the First Aid Course and a couple who have expressed interest in the Walk Leaders Course. Both courses will require no more than a day of your time if you are interested . However, the First Aid Course costs about £45 per person and we need to make it viable .; probably with 5 or 6 taking part . Sporting Chance Funds will meet the cost of all taking part .Please let me know if you want me to add your name to the list .


I have attached a virtual workout document which we have on file.  This has links to a variety of home workouts or you can try one of the stepping / climbing challenges that I have placed on YouTube.  For safety only use the bottom stair on you home stairs with the up down motion as shown on the video (see my web page for downloads)

Brians  Parkes own can be found by clicking on the underlined YouTube link below

Click on the SHOW MORE link below the video to download and print a specific challenge climb or the excel spreadsheet version. 

 If you are into gardening and growing food go to News/events

see poster from Brian Parkes . You may find it useful .

SEE NEWS /EVENTS for details) Carol Reynolds will be including some of this in her monthly letter to the non-digital members.

In addition to emails members can find all the latest information on our website