SECRETARY`S  REPORT              23/7/2021

Hi Guys.

Well, we've now had Freedom Day but COVID cases in our area are through the roof . Apparently 1 in 4 of the Middlesbrough people who are eligible for the vaccination have not yet received it .

Please take care . We are still the most vulnerable age group and some double vaccinated people are catching the virus.

In spite of this we are going to proceed with more variety of activities at both our halls . Claire and Dean are looking to draw up a timetable which will include our usual exercises for a long warm up then we hope to vary the session with circuits or games . Some weeks will be as we are at present - nonstop aerobics . However, because of the need for caution we will provide disposable gloves , anti bac wipes and plenty of hand gel .

While the scientists now say the virus is mainly transmitted by airborne contact there is still a chance it can be caught by touching things.


It was good to have Claire back to lead us at St. Cuthbert's today . She got her 2nd vaccination this morning in Darlington and has also completed her period of quarantine following her husband's positive test about 11 or 12 days ago . ( I got loads of positive comments for Martin's efforts last week - Thanks once again Martin )


Social - Parkway Social Club.

This takes place tonight at 8pm and is an opportunity for us to have a drink and a chat with our colleagues.

Norman Richardson has organised this . Last time we had about 16+ attending . On that occasion the bar closed at 10pm . I'm not sure what time it closes tonight . I suggest you take a mask in case they still want you to wear one when you move around the establishment .

This Thursday get-together used to take place in the days of Aqua Aerobics at the Rainbow Centre .At present it is just a social activity every 4 weeks on a Thursday and should become weekly when we return to Aqua ..



Unfortunately, it looks like our return to Aqua Aerobics will not restart until September .

I have been in contact with the local management for Everyone Active ,who run the facilities in Middlesbrough . They are part of a nationwide organisation and are governed by a central committee . This group will meet again on 8th August to consider group swimming activities across all their centres. I will be contacted a few days after that meeting and will be told how the outcome of that meeting will affect our program . The person I spoke to seemed optimistic that Aqua Aerobics could resume in early September (possibly 2nd or 9th ). I hope to let you know in about 4 weeks .



We had about 16 attended this week's walk round the Sports Village - James Cook loop . The weather was great and the walk route allowed Norman R to join us on his electric wheelchair .

Next Tuesday we are meeting at Flatts Lane Country Park . This is probably the furthest we have travelled for a walk but it looks like there are numerous opportunities in the area . Unfortunately, on my visit there today I was informed that the cafe will be closed next Tuesday . There is rain forecast for Sunday but ,hopefully Tuesday will be fine . The parking arrangements are straight forward . If approaching from Normanby up Flatts Lane, you pass the Norman Conquest pub on your right and about half a mile up on your right is the entranced to the Country Park . There are 2 carparks almost next to each other . I will probably park on the 2nd . Obviously approaching the other way from the Guisborough Road the entrance is on the left coming down the hill - It is quite a sharp turn entering from this direction . If anyone is familiar with any of the walks in that area I would be interested in their advice - Thanks .

I am in the process of organising dates for a Walk Leaders Course run by Mike O'Reilly . I have the names of a couple of people interested in going on this . If anyone is interested and has not given me their name, please contact me .


It was good to see Ray Cooper back in the fold this morning . As I had the wrong email address for him and he had also moved house just before the pandemic I was unable to contact him . Fortunately, he managed to find us last week and is now back with us .

We had a couple of our young members present with us at Trinity last week and this week .

Young John Hannon (96) and Young Harry Norris (100). Both are a great example to us all .


Once again, I have a few photos- Roques Gallery . 






The committee is considering other trips and discussed them at last Monday's committee meeting . Unfortunately it is still difficult to make definite plans until we know exactly what and when we can do things . 

Website Simon has managed to put a full zoom session ,run by Joe on to our website  

To access it you need to click on the three short horizontal lines on the top right of the site . This will bring up a list of contents . Click on timetables then scroll down on the page which appears and you will see Joe's Zoom Workout as a title . Below that there is a white arrow . If you click on that the full aerobics session will appear and you can do it any time without having to wait for Saturday morning or Joe to change baby Marley's nappy😊. 




This is a local charity which repairs old furniture and prepares it for re-use . It is based at Belle Vue , on Marton Road . It is also connected to "Men's Shed" which helps with the repair of items for re-use . Their workshop is at the back of the shop. They are also developing a gardening section. If anyone is interested in this sort of activity, they can be contacted on 01642 245927. It is designed to be a charity where men who are retired can put their skills to a positive use .



After some discussion at our committee meeting, I am putting out this disclaimer to state that any walk which takes place is not an official walk organised by Middlesbrough Sporting Chance . Such walks are taken on a personal basis as an individual choice . Members should be aware that no First Aid provision or Walk Leaders will be provided by Middlesbrough Sporting Chance . If you do come along, I suggest you wear very warm clothing . While it is forecast to be sunny it will also be cold - but the company will be warm and welcoming . 

Any walkers are reminded that they should adhere to the Government COVID rules of being in groups of no more than 6 .



Old News

 Walk leaders Course, and The First Aid Course .

 We are still looking for people to volunteer to attend these even though they are not likely to take place before April . 

We have 4 names for the First Aid Course and a couple who have expressed interest in the Walk Leaders Course. Both courses will require no more than a day of your time if you are interested . However, the First Aid Course costs about £45 per person and we need to make it viable .; probably with 5 or 6 taking part . Sporting Chance Funds will meet the cost of all taking part .Please let me know if you want me to add your name to the list .


I have attached a virtual workout document which we have on file.  This has links to a variety of home workouts or you can try one of the stepping / climbing challenges that I have placed on YouTube.  For safety only use the bottom stair on you home stairs with the up down motion as shown on the video (see my web page for downloads)

Brians  Parkes own can be found by clicking on the underlined YouTube link below

Click on the SHOW MORE link below the video to download and print a specific challenge climb or the excel spreadsheet version. 

 If you are into gardening and growing food go to News/events

see poster from Brian Parkes . You may find it useful .

SEE NEWS /EVENTS for details) Carol Reynolds will be including some of this in her monthly letter to the non-digital members.

In addition to emails members can find all the latest information on our website