SECRETARY`S  REPORT        16/09/2021 

Hi Guys 

This week's update is a little early .


Social The fortnightly get-together at The Parkway is tomorrow evening at 8pm . 

Next week we will probably be back there again after the Aqua . 


Aqua I've had confirmation that this is going to start at 8.05 on Tuesday 21st September  . Mary will be our tutor .

She's keen to see us all again . Unfortunately, this was the best time available . 

The Thursday slot was no longer available and the slot before us on a Tuesday is booked to a swimming club . 

Our session has to finish at 8.50 We should make it to the Parkway soon after 9  .

Halls  Dean is back from his holidays so all is well at Trinity . (Thanks to Martin for holding the fort .)

As the photos were of St.Cuthbert's last week we are looking at a few of our Trinity group this week . 

I know some people go to both sessions , however if you haven't tried the other one - Wednesday or Thursday  it's worth giving it a try . We are lucky to have 2 excellent instructors and the members at each venue very sociable.


Joe Unfortunately Joe's championship fight did not go as planned . He lost on points . He's gutted but is determined to win his next fight and get back in contention for another championship bout . I told him he's still a champion in our eyes. He hopes to call in and see us soon .


Walks Yesterday we had a good walk through Fairy Dell . It only took about 45 mins .

Next week we are going on a new walk from our usual carpark at Ormesby Hall (near St. Cuthbert's Church Ormesby - off Church Lane ). The walk will take us over The Parkway (A 174) and through land on the south side of that road - below the hills . It should not take more than an hour .


Spare a thought for Gordon Scott . He was due to  have an operation on his heart this week and had been trying to isolate prior to this . Unfortunately, the dreaded COVID still managed to catch him and he tested positive yesterday . This means his long-awaited operation is delayed once again .

Take care Gordon . Hope you are better soon .





 Recent  News

Hi Guys.

Having had a word with Claire I hope to buy some more equipment for us in the next few days . 

Thanks to Martin for leading us at Trinity for the last 2 weeks - great job .  


Charlie Rooney , Brian Simpson and myself passed our Walk Leaders Course last Tuesday . We did not get lost on our Riverside walk . We are now qualified to lead you all up the garden path   and we are insured for this !

Charlie Rooney has been in contact with Noah's wife . Sadly Noah is very tired and is not expected to be returning to our group . We send him our best wishes and he is in our thoughts and prayers .

Congratulations to Eric Suddes , our intrepid cyclist . 2 weeks ago, he completed a 3 day - round County Durham Cycle ride including all the coast , the Tyne and up to Stanhope before returning to Norton/Stockton via Middleton in Teesdale and Barnard Castle. Next week he is doing a similar ride in Kent . 

Those who were at St. Cuthbert's today will have noticed that Chairman Dennis is moving better .  Keep up the exercise Dennis - good to see you improving after your op . 

We are looking at organising an AGM for everyone - probably in November. If anyone would like to join the committee, please let us know . 




 The First Aid Course .

 We are still looking for people to volunteer to attend these even though they are not likely to take place before April . 

We have 4 names for the First Aid Course  However, the First Aid Course costs about £45 per person and we need to make it viable .; probably with 5 or 6 taking part . Sporting Chance Funds will meet the cost of all taking part .Please let me know if you want me to add your name to the list .