SECRETARY`S  REPORT               9/4/2021                                                   

Hi Guys.

Past News   7/4/2021
Today is Joe’s Birthday - Happy Birthday Joe - Keep changing those nappies !!

See you on Saturday at 9.30am . I hope I remember this week . Apparently there would have been about 16 present if I’d been more alert . I was taking an Easter break .



Yesterday we had our walk at Fairy Dell . It was very successful with about 20 turning up . Although it was cold the sun was shining and there was plenty of good company . 

Next week we are going to have a look at The Old Linthorpe Cemetery . This walk was originally suggested to me by our cyclist member - Eric Suddes. It is worth Googling Linthorpe Cemetary . There is quite a lot of information relating to Old Middlesbrough .

Previously I suggested parking on Burlam Road but having had a look at the area and following the advice of others I’m now suggesting we use Nursery Lane - off Burlam Rd. If you are heading to Middlesbrough on Acklam Road turn right onto Burlam Rd just before West Lane Hospital and the Acklam Children’s Day Nursery . A few yards down Burlam Rd take a left turn into Nursery Lane. It is quite a wide one way street/road. You will find plenty of space to park by the side of the road . There is an entrance gate along that road , which we will use . Meet at 10am . At present we are thinking of a walk on 20th April at Tees Barrage. More details next week .

Another date for your diary is this Friday 9th . If you can get Tees TV or Tyne Tees TV on free view - Peter Brunton ,our own resident children’s author , is reading his stories . It may be on about 7am but you could record it if that is too early and play it back for your grandchildren or even great grandchildren !


In addition we also have a budding author in Paul Gilhooley . Paul is now having printed his 2nd volume of his novels ,in a series called A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing . I really enjoyed the first novel . Apparently they are available from Amazon .


Spare a thought for Brain Simpson and his wife, who is having a serious operation this week . Give her our best wishes , Brian - we hope she makes a full and swift recovery - fingers crossed . 


I think the minutes/ notes of our last committee meeting may have been circulated . In case I’m wrong or you’ve missed them , among the points discussed were our return to the halls etc. We are hoping to be back in Trinity on 19th May with an instructor called Dean and we hope to go back to St,Cuthbert’s on 20th May but this is just a social get together followed by aerobics etc on 27th. With a new instructor ,called Claire. This return to the halls is dependent on the decisions of the various church committees and ,of course ,Boris and his gang !

We are also making enquiries about a return to Aqua and the Gym . More news later . 


Now back to birthdays or in particular a Centenary.

Today a group of us went to visit Harry Norris and gave him a card , engraved whiskey glass and a very good bottle of Malt Whiskey (Isle of Mull) . He was very pleased to see us . There will be photos online on TeesLive and maybe in the Gazette. His actual birthday is next Wednesday . He is spending this with his family at his daughter’s in West Sussex.

Hope you have a great day Harry - As I quoted to you earlier today , That famous Yorkshireman Sir Geoffrey Boycott said The 1st 100 are the hardest - it’s all plain sailing after that . Enjoy and many Congratulations from all of us at Middlesbrough Sporting Chance. 

Hi Guys

Tomorrow at 10am a group of us are meeting at the layby outside Fairy Dell and St. Augustine's Primary School .( There is also another car park just round the corner from the layby - if necessary . Between the 2 sights there are car parking spaces for over 20 cars) 

I have a birthday card that some members may wish to sign . Following that some people may want to go for a walk . 

After some discussion at our committee meeting, I am putting out this disclaimer to state that any walk which takes place is not an official walk organised by Middlesbrough Sporting Chance . Such walks are taken on a personal basis as an individual choice . Members should be aware that no First Aid provision or Walk Leaders will be provided by Middlesbrough Sporting Chance . If you do come along, I suggest you wear very warm clothing . While it is forecast to be sunny it will also be cold - but the company will be warm and welcoming . 

Any walkers are reminded that they should adhere to the Government COVID rules of being in groups of no more than 6 .





Zoom aerobics is only on a Saturday now at 9.30 , but at least it is helping to keep us going .

For those who are part of the slow cooker course I have another YouTube menu for you -;


Chickpea Stew -   

- YouTube

and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

It was good to see 15 able to join in the extra session on Zoom ,yesterday . Our normal session is now at 9.30am on a Saturday morning - after Joe has changed Marley's nappy 😊.



April 13th-I'm suggesting we meet at the entrance to Linthorpe Cemetery on Burlam Road . There is an interesting walk available around the old cemetery . 

The following week we are considering a walk along the Tees River bank near the Barrage - More details of this later . 


Simon keeps posting additional information on the website . It's worth having a regular look on there.


Here's another slow cooker menu for you to try :- Hunter's Chicken

Slow Cooker - Hunter's Chicken

This is a recipe for Hunter's Chicken, made using a slow cooker.

Take care everyone .



Old News

Carol Reynolds has sent Joe and his wife Megan a Next gift voucher for £100 on behalf of Middlesbrough Sporting Chance as a gift for baby Marley. We agreed this at our last committee meeting . If we had been in the halls, we would have had a collection but because this was not possible, Carol has sent the voucher . 

It is also about a year ago since I began these weekly emails/blogs . If you have any special info to share with our friends/members, please email me                

At the last Committee meeting ,last Monday ,we discussed the Walk leaders Course, and The First Aid Course . We are still looking for people to volunteer to attend these even though they are not likely to take place before April . 

We have 4 names for the First Aid Course and a couple who have expressed interest in the Walk Leaders Course. Both courses will require no more than a day of your time if you are interested . However, the First Aid Course costs about £45 per person and we need to make it viable .; probably with 5 or 6 taking part . Sporting Chance Funds will meet the cost of all taking part .Please let me know if you want me to add your name to the list .


I have attached a virtual workout document which we have on file.  This has links to a variety of home workouts or you can try one of the stepping / climbing challenges that I have placed on YouTube.  For safety only use the bottom stair on you home stairs with the up down motion as shown on the video (see my web page for downloads)

Brians  Parkes own can be found by clicking on the underlined YouTube link below

Click on the SHOW MORE link below the video to download and print a specific challenge climb or the excel spreadsheet version. 

 If you are into gardening and growing food go to News/events

see poster from Brian Parkes . You may find it useful .

SEE NEWS /EVENTS for details) Carol Reynolds will be including some of this in her monthly letter to the non-digital members.

In addition to emails members can find all the latest information on our website